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Why do I Need a Financial Adviser?

The "7" benefits a professional adviser brings to you.

Is my DIRECTION correct?


Is my RISK Vs RETURN profiled?


Are my ASPIRATIONS considered?


Are my PRIORITIES right?


Are the PRODUCTS right for me?




Is my ENTRY & EXIT timing good?

That brings us to the question - "How do I choose my Adviser" ? A Few Pointers

1. SEBI Registered
Your adviser must be registered with SEBI as an “Investment Adviser” and have a valid license from SEBI. This ensures that the Adviser has the Infrastructure, the Systems, the Risk Management Processes and the Skillset to deliver professional services to clients.
2. Act in a Fiduciary Capaciy
The adviser works in a fiduciary capacity, keeping your interests ahead of his own interest. Trust, performance & professionalism is the basis of a fiduciary relationship.
3. Compensation for your advisor.
Understand how your adviser is compensated. An adviser should not be dependent on high commission products being sold to his clients and preferably be charging a fee to his clients. This creates transparency and ensures your adviser works for you and not for the product manufacturer. The adviser should disclose all the fees earned on your account.
4. Well qualified team.
An adviser should have a team of qualified and experienced professionals to manage your personal finances and investment portfolio
5. Agreement and Framework
Check if there is a service agreement and framework to create accountability between yourself and your professional adviser.
6. Quality of recommendation.
An adviser should understand your needs and recommend products suitable to you and explain reasons for selecting the product. The Adviser should have the system and the processes to assess your risk, suitability for your unique situation and take actions accordingly.

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But then how exactly does a Financial Adviser help you?


Understand and Manage your Biases

Your adviser will guide you in managing your emotional biases with respect to personal finance and portfolio management.


Become a well-informed Investor

As you work with your adviser, you will get to know what is good and not good for you and your family. You will also become a well-informed investor.


Inculcate Financial Discipline

Become disciplined in your personal finances. You will be able to regularly save, monitor and build an investment portfolio in a disciplined manner with your adviser.


Manage Risk and Liquidity

Your adviser will match your portfolio to your risk appetite, with an eye on emergencies.


Manage Personal Taxes

Your adviser will help in managing your tax impact due to various income sources including capital gains, providing capital gains report and filing your individual tax returns.


Create Checks & Balances

Your adviser can be your sounding board for your family and can create checks and balances in your family’s personal finance.


Ensure Continuity of Personal Finances

Create a second layer through your adviser for your close family relatives, to ensure continuity of personal finances and plan an investment portfolio that also takes care of emergencies.


Achieve Your Financial Goals & Aspirations

Achieve your financial goals and aspirations in a timely and optimal manner.


Become Financially Free

Take you beyond the tipping point from working for money to making your money work for you and helping you live the life of your dreams.

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